Summer’s almost here and recently, I’ve been ALL about finding easy ways to change up my makeup look. It’s even better when I can use products I already have in unexpected ways to achieve a completely different look. And with a little help from my girl Mikayla (you might remember her from this post here and here) we created a super easy tutorial for The Ultimate Glossy Lid. It’s achievable in literally only two steps that anyone can create!





Step 1:
Frist, blend out your favorite eye shadows. For this look, we used a lot of metallic copper shades to create
dimension as well as to stay on the neutral side. If you’re feeling bold, you can also use yellow like I did in this post here!

Step 2:
Take a clear lip gloss (like this one) and pat it on top of your lid with a brush like this one or with your finger. If you don’t have any lip gloss, you can always use Vaseline! With a few swipes of mascara, my eyes were done!

To finish off the glossy eye look, Mikayla gave me a gorgeous blurry lip. To recreate the lip, all you have to do is pick your favorite rose or pink shaded lipstick (like this one) and tap the product in the center of your lip. Then, with a clean finger lightly tap your lip line allowing some product to land on the outside of your lip to blur the edges.

Are you guys going to rock a glossy lid anytime soon? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this look, so let me know down below! Have a great Friday, everyone!