One of my absolute favorite parts about my job is that I get to try so many amazing new beauty products. But of all the new things that come across my desk, I always find a couple that make their way into my makeup routine. This Spring, I’m really trying to embrace color (like red accessories), and that means injecting a little bit of unexpected color into my beauty routine as well! Though I might not wear yellow eyeshadow every day, a bright pink lip can really go a long way! Keep reading to see my four spring makeup must-haves:







The Lip

Okay, I’m going to level with you, a bright fuschia lip wasn’t always my go-to. Usually, when I do a bold lip, it’s either a bright red, a deep oxblood or even an orange! But something about this hue had me head over heels! If something this pigmented isn’t your style, try a lip stain (like this one here) to get the same effect of the color with less pigment!

The Highlighter

Highlighters are basically like magic. When I’m filming, or I know I’m going to be in front of a camera- I usually do a matte look as opposed to a dewy finish for my makeup. But sometimes I can end up looking flat. The solution? A highlighter! Though this blue one might look intimidating, it gives a gorgeous and subtle glow that shows up great on camera!

The Polish

Whenever I get my nails done, I like to stick with a neutral beige or even a white polish to make sure the color matches anything I wear. But this season, I decided to switch it up! This light, almost ballerina pink, is the perfect happy medium between a statement color and a neutral. If pink polish not your thing, check out this super gorgeous iridescent polish.

The Liner

Seeing a bunch of colored eyeliners on the beauty market right now is like being a kid in a candy store. So many colorful options! My favorite thing to do with a colored liner is to use it almost as an eyeshadow. I take whatever color I want, do a quick line on my lash line and then smudge with a cotton swab or my finger! It gives an easy wash of color without being too in your face!

There are my four spring makeup must-haves! What makeup trends are you loving for this season? I want to know! Leave a comment in the comment box below and have a fantastic weekend!

PS: A huge thank you to everyone who came out to the event yesterday! I love meeting you all and I promise to try to do more meetups soon!