Just how my wardrobe is getting a little Spring update, so are my scents! I’ve been noticing that I have a special scent for every occasion and with such a huge selection of amazing scents out there on the market, I’m so excited to share with you guys the fragrances that have been heavily on rotation this year.


The Classic

It’s classic, it’s clean, it’s Chanel! Need I say more? I love wearing this scent whenever I have business meetings, or when I’m in the office. It’s kind of like my power scent.


The Everyday

This fragrance is great for every day. It’s light, airy and not at all over-powering. It’s the kind of perfume you’re so comfortable wearing you forget you have it on until someone says, “Wait, what’s that amazing smell?” Everyone at the office has been really obsessed with this scent.


The Sexy Scent

This scent always gets me the most compliments. It’s dark and sexy with notes of sweet vanilla in it. It’s one of those scents that gets better the longer you have it on!


The Fun Scents

These little guys are perfect to throw into my bag! They’ve got fun colors and they smell even better. I love having them with me because if I ever run out of the house without perfume, I will always have some on me! The fragrance names are really cute too.


The Date Night Scent

It’s sultry, sweet and the perfect scent to get me in the mood for a fun date night with Allen!

There you have it! My spring scents Ive had on rotation! So, in the quest to find your signature summer scent, remember to experiment! Pro Tip: you can always go to Sephora or Nordstrom and ask for a sample first before youre ready to commit to a full bottle. Either way, the bottles will all look gorgeous on your vanity.

Let me know what your current favorite scents are in the comments below! Happy Monday, everyone!