A hoodie is an understated piece that is such a big trend right now. Obviously, a hoodie is a hoodie, so there are lots of amazing ones in every price range. Remember this outfit from NYFW where I wore a hoodie and jeans as my off-duty look? If you follow me on IG and Snapchat, (@chrisellelim) you might recognize this Acne hoodie as I wore it on the plane!

I especially love this hoodie in particular because 1) it’s super oversized which means it’s extremely cozy and 2) it’s probably one of the softest pieces of clothing I own!

Though this Acne hoodie is on the more expensive side, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth! I always say that if you feel like you can wear something a multiple of times, you should invest! If you’re looking for something you can throw on and not think about, there’s also hoodies from H&M like this one and this one that are awesome, too. Be sure to scroll through the post to see more of my favorite hoodies! (Pro Tip: guy’s hoodies are awesome too!)

What do you guys think about the hoodie trend? Let me know below!