Every once in a while, something comes along that totally transforms your wardrobe. It’s the kind of piece that makes you wonder how you have lived for so long without it. I’m so happy to say that this season, Ive found not one, but three pieces that have completely turned my wardrobe around. I wore them all throughout New York Fashion Week and now that Paris Fashion Week is here, I’ll definitely be reaching for them again.

1. The Leather Jacket

You might remember this jacket from this post here! I love that it’s an updated take on the classic leather jacket. The best way I can describe it is to call it a leather denim jacket. Both a leather and a denim jacket are total closet must-haves, so it was so amazing to find the perfect marriage of the two. The silhouette and cut of the jacket look like your everyday blue-jean jacket, but the material is made of leather!

2. Statement Hoops

Once I got into New York and was preparing for my first show, I realized something that made my stomach drop. I forgot ALL of my accessories back in LA! So I ran to Intermix last minute to grab these amazing gold hoop earrings. I wore them with pretty much every outfit and I know I definitely won’t be forgetting them for Paris! They add edge and give a badass vibe to any outfit.

3. White Button Down

I can’t stress how important it is to have a white button down in your closet. They’re classic, timeless and a closet staple. They’re perfect for any professional environment but can also be dressed down to feel more casual with a pair of jeans. But for me, they’re the ultimate layering piece. I’ve worn them under dresses like I did here and under sweaters like I did above!

Having these three pieces in my arsenal for Fashion Week totally saved me. Do you guys have any pieces that have totally transformed your wardrobe? Let me know below!