Though the snow is beautiful, the Winter fashion season can be really hard to dress for. Like I said here, I would wear a warm puffer jacket throughout the day but take it off for the sake of pictures. How did I stay warm? Well, I had a little trick up my sleeve. Literally! The secret behind my fashion week looks is LAYERS. Some you see, and some you don’t, but the more things on my body to keep me warm the better.





First, I’d wear this mock neck sweater. I know I’ve talked to you guys about how much I love turtlenecks (like this one) before, but mock necks are just as great! The one I wore was super warm but it was also skin tight so it was easy to layer on top! I’m pretty sure I wore it under every single outfit I had on during fashion week.

The second layer was a classic white button down. I wore it in numerous looks during fashion week, and it added a bit of polish as well as an extra layer of warmth. Giving it just another reason the white button down is a wardrobe staple!

The final layer is totally unseen but vital to my warmth. A pair of thick workout leggings! I layer them under my long dresses, jeans, and jumpsuits like I’m wearing in the look above!

Do you guys have a secret weapon for dressing warm when it’s cold? Let me know below!