I’m always talking about my skincare routine and what products I use, even the products I use when I’m on the plane! But the most important step for my skincare routine is to ALWAYS take my makeup off. No matter how tired I am, how much I’ve had to drink, or how much I just want to crawl into bed. It’s an extra step but I know I’d kick myself in the morning if I didn’t do it! To ensure that I get ever single bit of makeup off my skin and out of my pores, I follow four simple steps:




1. Eye Makeup Remover
The first step is to take off your eye and lip makeup because it’s the most stubborn to come off. I emptied these Kleenex ones completely you might have seen it in the video HERE. They’re super gentle and really get the job done!

2. Oil Cleanser
Then, I always ALWAYS cleanse with an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers have a reputation for being ‘bad’ but they’re just misunderstood! If you have oily skin, oil cleansers are actually good for you (do not be afraid of them)! It’s a great way to get rid of sweat that builds up overnight or during the day (which is actually the cause of acne). DO NOT add water to your oil. Literally take the oil from the bottle to your hand and then to your face. After thoroughly massaging onto your face THEN you take the water and wipe it down. The oil really helps to break down the makeup on your skin.

3. Charcoal Cleanser
After washing your face with an oil cleanser, then it’s time to bring in your regular cleanser. I prefer to use a water-based cleanser. This Biore one I found at the drugstore as seen is this video here and I’ve been using it pretty much every day since! It’s very light and you can feel the impurities being drawn out of your skin.

4. Cleansing Water
To finish off, I like to use a cleansing water. It’s pretty much a fancy water that both tone and help make sure all of the impurities are out of your skin that your cleanser might have missed. This one by Caudalie is probably the only one I’ve ever used made with chamomile so it’s super soothing for your skin. I squeeze the product onto a pad or cotton wipe then gently rub it onto my skin. It’s amazing how much leftover dirt and makeup you see on the pad!

There you go! Four super simple steps that give me a clean pallet to continue on with my skincare routine. What do you guys use to take off your makeup? Let me know in the comments below!