It’s the time of year when guests, be it friends or family, will be arriving to celebrate the holidays and the change of season. You want your home to look perfect, but let’s face reality. With kids and a hectic work schedule, things can sometimes get a bit messy. Today we’re writing a few quick and dirty (err…clean) tips to help you tidy up every room in the home when you don’t have a lot of time.


The Living Room/Dining Room

-Grab a bag and clear the clutter. Remove anything out of place or in the way, and your space will look brand new. You can put papers and toys and laundry back where they belong once everyone goes home.

-Quickly dust at eye level to make sure nothing looks dirty or unkempt… But you can leave the chandelier or ceiling fan go for now.

-Fluff and style your pillows. Fold up or drape your throws. Arrange your table or console. Making a room look tidy is all about keeping up appearances.


The Kitchen

-For the kitchen, it’s the countertops and floors that provide that clean feeling. If you only have a few minutes to spare, just clean the countertops and the sink. Start by spraying the sink and let the disinfectant soak in while you spritz and wipe the countertops. Then scrub the sink with a sponge, rinse with warm water, and finally return to the countertops with a cloth towel to dry off.

-Sweep or dry mop the floor. It’s the visible dirt that looks bad. Mopping can be saved for when you can dedicate time to deep cleaning.

-Wipe down your hardware and refrigerator handle. Seeing these small details shine makes for an impressive kitchen and only takes a few seconds to do.


The Bedroom

-Declutter. All of that laundry needs to go. Try not to shove too much stuff in the closet or under the bed (because you’ll regret it later), but if you just need your space to look neat for when you’re giving guests the tour, out of sight is out of mind.

-Make the bed. It makes all the difference.

-Another easy way out? Just close the door. No one really needs to see your personal space, and most people won’t think twice about closed bedroom doors.


The Bathroom

The sink is generally the centerpiece of the bathroom, so focus your cleaning there.

-Quickly wipe down the toilet exterior and brush the interior.

-Wipe down the mirror, faucet, and the toilet handle, and make sure your shower curtain is closed if you haven’t had time to do the tub recently.